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Welcome to the Department of Communication Design

The Department of Communication Design is committed to providing a public avenue to the range of professions that utilize creativity, technology and design. The foundation of our program is based on integrating fundamental theory and concepts with applied technology. We believe in building a culture that encourages conceptual thinking, creativity and collaboration. Our approach harnesses the wealth of our students diversity to inspire ideas, enrich communications and produce solutions.

The Communication Design Department (COMD) is committed to developing creative visual literacy in critical thinkers and problem solvers who are empowered to meet design industry needs with functional knowledge and technological skills. Building on a proven foundation of communication design theory and concepts, COMD coursework is also focused on integrating applied technology for successful "real world" results. There is a focus on fundamental lessons through experiential, project-based learning.

The curriculum builds on a study of big ideas where communication design is interpreted through multiple media channels using creative, effective and sustainable metrics. Creative applications in all media follow best practices, specifications and standards to prepare graduates for employment in advertising, publishing, packaging, corporate communications and commercial or non- commercial marketing services. The COMD Bachelor of Technology degree-programs develops knowledge and skills needed to compete in a competitive global environment. COMD faculty and students benefit from a diverse mix of professional backgrounds and experiences. The COMD department is uniquely positioned to offer a rigorous and reflective college education to prepare graduates for life-long learning.