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259 Adams Street
Pearl Bldg 616 (P-616)
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: 718-260-5850

Liberal Arts/AA

The associate in arts degree program is a comprehensive liberal arts curriculum providing a solid academic foundation that prepares the graduating student for transfer to a bachelor’s degree program and for the professional world. Students enrolled in the associate in arts degree program have an opportunity to prepare for further study in fields such as law, public relations, journalism, broadcasting, education, political science, government, history, psychology, communication and languages. The capstone course serves as a culminating academic experience requiring the use and integration of oral and written communication, critical thinking and analysis. An option in African American Studies is available. For details, please refer to the African American Studies Department catalog description.

A maximum of six elective credits required for the degree in Liberal Arts (LAA) may be chosen from courses offered by the Schools of Technology and Design or Professional Studies, with permission from the Dean of Arts and Sciences, the Namm Building, room N 321, at 718.260.5008, and the Program Director of Liberal Arts, the Pearl Building, room P 616, at 718.260.5082.

Learning Outcomes

  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Team work and problem solving skills
  • Foundations in computer and information literacy, with critical thinking skills, for lifelong learning
  • Improved ability to communicate in a foreign language and fundamental knowledge of the culture of native speakers
  • Fundamental knowledge of history
  • Fundamental knowledge of the behavioral and social sciences
  • Fundamental knowledge of philosophy
  • Fundamental knowledge of the humanities
  • Fundamental knowledge of literature
  • Fundamental knowledge of a physical or biological sciences
  • Fundamental quantitative literacy through the study of mathematics

Academic Advisement

Academic advisement for first semester students takes place in the New Student Center, located in the Namm Building, room N 104. All other students receive advisement through the Office of Liberal Arts, located in the Pearl Building, room P 616. Students are strongly urged to consult with an academic advisor before registering for classes.

Pathways to Baccalaureate Programs

Graduating LAA students can readily transfer into most baccalaureate degree programs. Transfer of 60 credits to all colleges within The City University of New York system is assured for graduates of City Tech’s associate in arts degree program. For information on transfer into City Tech’s programs in human services, career and technology teacher education, or facilities management, after earning the LAA degree, contact the appropriate department.

Program planning for LAA degree

Performance and Academic Standards

  • Students must complete ENG 1101 with a “C” or better to graduate.
  • Prior to enrolling for the first time in a foreign language, students must meet with a foreign language advisor in the Humanities Department, Atrium Building, room A 630, for placement. Placement is determined by a brief placement examination. Students who begin a foreign language with a course number of FL 2202 (SPA 2202, FREN 2202, etc.) or higher need only complete 6 credits of foreign language (two courses FL 2202, FL 3301 or FL 3302). The remaining 3 foreign language credits normally needed for graduation become electives.
  • Students must complete one of the following to fulfill their mathematics requirement: MAT 1190, MAT 1275, MAT 1375, MAT 1475, MAT 1575 or MAT 2675. MAT 1175, Fundamentals of mathematics may be taken for elective credit.

Degree Requirements

The College will grant an associate in arts degree (AA) upon satisfactory completion of the required 60 credits as indicated.

African American Studies Department

The African American Studies Department (AFR) is designed to bring into disciplinary focus, through inter-departmental and multicultural course offerings in Liberal Arts and Sciences, the history and culture of Africans and their descendants throughout the diaspora, from antiquity to the present.

Students across City Tech may enroll in AFR courses; here, they will take classes that challenge them to think critically about a broad range of topics and issues, including, but not limited to, race, gender, class, sexuality, and culture. We offer an array of courses that fulfill your Capstone, Interdisciplinary (ID), Writing Intensive, World Cultures and Global Issues, U.S. Experience in its Diversity, Individual and Society, and Creative Expressions requirements.

Please visit the department, located in Atrium 643, and speak to any full-time faculty member about our courses, as well as other academic and career opportunities.

The AFR Option

We offer an Option in African American Studies, which is the equivalent of a concentration or a minor. The AFR Option enables Liberal Arts (LAA) students to develop a concentrated area of study in several distinct disciplines: Literature, History, Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy, and Art. The AFR Option was designed to provide a foundation in diasporic studies for students who are either interested in learning about our continually evolving course offerings, or as a starting point, especially for those who plan to pursue a degree in African American Studies at another college or university. As such, the Option is where students can learn and process knowledge, as they prepare for further studies at another campus, after City Tech. Several CUNY campuses offer both certificates and multiple degrees in African American Studies; notably, the CUNY BA program offers students the opportunity to pursue a unique bachelor’s degree—limitless interdisciplinary areas that encompass the depth of education rooted in the discipline.

Individuals with a degree in African American Studies have a wide range of career choices. The discipline may lead to career opportunities in Education, Law, Community Organizing, Policy Planning, Museum Administration, Publishing, Health Administration, Filmmaking, Social Work, Arts Programming, Business, and International Aid Management.

For more information, please review the official AFR Option Brochure. You may also visit the department and speak to any full-time faculty member about the AFR Option, as well as other academic and career opportunities.

In order to enroll in the AFR Option, please download and complete the college’s "Application for Change of Curriculum" Form which must be signed by the AFR Chair or the Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and then submitted to the Registrar’s office for processing.

Only students in the School of Liberal Arts are eligible. Students must be in LAA.


The City Tech community is invited to take advantage of the programs AFR organizes throughout the academic year, including Black Solidarity Day (November), Kwanzaa (December) and Black History Month (February). Over the years, these elaborate events have become a vital part of the college.

If you have questions about an Option in AFR, please contact the Department Chair, Dr. Marta Effinger-Crichlow at

Gender & Sexuality Studies Course Cluster

Gender & Sexuality Studies at City Tech is an interdisciplinary cluster of courses, sponsored by the English Department, which explores issues of gender and sexuality from various perspectives. In addition to five core English courses, the cluster in Gender & Sexuality Studies includes courses in African American Studies, Health and Human Services, Humanities, and Social Science. Students can take courses that focus on humanity, sexuality and sexual orientation, studies in gender identity/roles, representations of genders in literature and film, among other course themes. The courses are designed to allow for the flexible exploration of various themes, which may vary from year to year. Students fulfilling their common core requirements will find Gender & Sexuality Studies courses in a variety of Pathways categories—simply pick the available Gender & Sexuality Studies course within each category to build your cluster.

Students who find City Tech’s Gender & Sexuality Studies concentration appealing will find no shortage of related academic programming options within the City University of New York. CUNY colleges such as Hunter, Brooklyn, and York, among others, offer unique academic opportunities (certificate or degree) to further study within the discipline. Through the CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies students can earn an individualized degree specifically in LGBTQ Studies across CUNY campuses, developing an academic path that prepares them to contribute to LGBTQ progress in the world. Additionally, colleges and universities nationwide offer undergraduate and graduate programs, which allow for the pursuit of meaningful and impactful careers that change the world around us.

Gender & Sexuality Studies is a scholarly expertise that provides a bridge to careers in healthcare, the law, education, journalism, writing (academic and creative), the arts, and social issue advocacy, among other professions.

If you would like more information about the Gender & Sexuality Studies course cluster at City Tech, please contact Dr. Laura Westengard.


Individual and Society

ENG 1773 Weird Science: Interpreting and Redefining Humanity (WI, ID)
COM 2402 Intercultural Communication (WI)
ENG 2150 Introduction to Women Writers (WI)
AFR 2000 Blacks In Media: Race, Gender & Cultural Representations (WI)

World Cultures and Global Issues

ENG 2160 Introduction to Women’s Studies (WI)
ANTH 1103 Gender, Culture and Society

Creative Expression

ENG 2170 Introduction to Studies in Maleness and Manhood (ID, WI)

US Experience in its Diversity

ENG 2180 Studies in Identity and Orientation (WI)
ENG 2190 Expressions of Identity: Representations of Gender and Space in Literature (WI)

Free Electives**

HEA 2110 Human Sexuality
HEA 2112 The Evolving Face of Race, Class, and Gender Identity (ID)

** Liberal Art & Arts students wishing to take HEA courses as free electives should go to Namm 321 to obtain permission from the Dean.




English Composition (2 courses, 6 credits)

ENG 1101 English Composition I 1 3
ENG 1121 English Composition II 3

Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning 2 (1 course, 3-4 credits)

MAT 1190 Quantitative Reasoning or higher 2 4

Life and Physical Sciences (1 course, 3-5 credits)

Any approved course 2


Select one course from each of the following areas plus one additional course from any of the five areas; no more than two courses may be selected from any discipline. 18

World Cultures and Global Issues

Any Approved Course

US Experience in its Diversity

Any Approved Course

Individual and Society

Any Approved Course

Creative Expression

Any Approved Course

Scientific World

Any Approved Course

Writing Intensive Requirement 3

Students at New York City College of Technology must complete two courses designated WI for the associate level, one from GenEd and one from the major; and two additional courses designated WI for the baccalaureate level, one from GenEd and one from the major.

Foreign Language I 3
Foreign Language II 3
Foreign Language III 3
Speech 3
Philosophy 3
History 3
Capstone from approved list 3
Free Electives 4-9

1 Students must complete ENG 1101 with a “C” or better to graduate.

2 Students who take higher level MAT or STEM Variant courses will have 31-35 general education credits, thus reducing the elective credits.

3 A semester-specific list of writing intensive courses is available online at the City Tech Pathways website.