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Mike M. Charles
SGA President

General Building 400 (G-400)

Phone: 718-260-5019

Meet the Apollo

Mike Charles

Mike Charles, President

Enthusiasm always comes first, for without this essential character trait, the driving passion needed to serve our students would lack . Becoming a college student can be a very shocking experience but having an enthusiastic team to have your back will transform your stay at Tech indefinitely. Enthusiasm is the forefront of the principles we will bring forth to our college community. Everything from speaking to my fellow students in relaxed environments, discussing their City Tech experience, to voicing out collective opinion at a CUNY board of trustee meeting. It was done with enthusiasm then and believe my team and I will be enthused every day that we serve you.

Marlon Myers

Marlon Myers, Vice President

A charismatic young man from Kingston Jamaica. My name is Marlon Myers and I am the Vice President of the Student Government Association here at City Tech. I served two terms as Senator at Large. I served as the President of the Black Male Initiative Club (BMI Program) for approximately 1 and a half, to 2 years. I am a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, National Society of Black Engineers, and also the Director of Collegiate Engagement for the Non-Profitable Organization, 500 Men Making a Difference.

The main reason I embarked on the journey 2-3 years ago was because students were not being treated with the proper respect they deserved and students are in need of opportunities to advance their network and help build their leadership skills. As Vice President, I will continue my drive to increase the level of active college students on the campus of CityTech and also help to become that voice that the students don't think they have.

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door, because if you believe you can, then you're halfway there."

Lynese Edwards

Lynese Edwards, Treasurer

As the NYCCT Student Governments Treasurer, I oversee the workings of your student activityfee throughout each semester. One of my top priorities is to conduct business done on behalf of students in the most transparent manner possible. This is paramount to ensure that ALL interests and concerns of the student body are represented and addressed.
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Sadia Mahzabin

Sadia Mahzabin, Secretary

My name is Sadia Mahzabin and I am a Computer Information Systems major concentrating in Software Development. In the last year, I had the pleasure of working in Strive for Success as a Student Success Leader. I was able to help freshmen students do their best in the semester and catch them before they fell flat on their feet. I wanted to make sure they knew that there was someone there looking out for them. Or at least someone they can go to when there is trouble. I wanted to also be their voice when they could not find their own. As the Secretary of the Student Government Association, I now have the privilege of doing it again.

I had the Great opportunity in meeting the members of SGA in a retreat hosted by Dorie Clay. While learning to become a better leader through various workshops, I ended up making a lot of connections to those in SGA. The same goals that I have from being a Student Success Leader were mirror images to those in SGA. I want the same thing that everyone on my team wants as well. To help the students and to represent the student body. I want to be a part of this movement where students are working hard for other students. My wish is to let the students know that they have a hard working team here for them. Through it all, we are here for the students of City Tech.

Jameliah Crick

Jameliah Crick, Social Director

Hailing from the beautiful island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, I am 24-year-old, Jameliah Crick. I began my international journey to The New York City College of Technology in 2014, to achieve my goal in obtaining my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems Technology. Read More

María Fonseca

Maria Fonseca, Chief Justice

Born and raised in Nicaragua, Maria Fonseca has always displayed a keen interest in nursing, as well as helping others. She is known for being the incumbent President of the Pinning Committee, a Red Cross volunteer, as well as dedicated and passionate Registered Nurse. During her high school years, Maria became involved and showcased her leadership skills while helping impoverished families back in her home country. This showed her the importance of health care, which in turn, inspired her to become a nurse. Coming to New York strengthened her work ethic, made her more culturally aware, as well as opened new doors for opportunities. Her time spent at CityTech reignited her passion for helping others, and also disciplined her to be the leader and award-winning nurse she is today. As a Senator at Large, she wants to assure that every student under in New York City College of Technology is excelling.

Gurjot Nijjar

Gurjot Nijjar, Part-Time Evening Representative

Gurjot Nijjar has an associate in liberal arts and science and Chemical Technology with honors from City Tech and is currently pursuing a Baccalaureate in Biomedical Medical Informatics, and hopes to take it even further in life. Being born in the great city of Chandigarh, India. He has a great grasp on understanding the concept of diversity and also resides in the city of New York. After a lot of experience, he now understands the value of education and is determined to achieve a higher Degree. He has been in NYCCT for a long time and by being in SGA, he feels that he can give back by help other students.

As he continues his education, he has forced himself to go above and beyond and had taken on leadership role, such as Treasurer for the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS - NYCCT Chapter) and Senator for Arts and Sciences with Student Government Association (SGA). Now, Mr. Nijjar new role as Part-Time/Evening Student Representative, he aims to serve fellow students even further with Apollo.

Leondra Cato, Senator at Large

My name is leondra Cato; Senator-at-large in the Student Government Association and I am from the beautiful island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. My major is architecture and I love seafood. I enjoy listening to music and dancing .My goal for this semester is to give the students more opportunities to interact with recreational activities within the school, due to the fact that we spend most of our time there. Our college has become home to us.

Shabri Doshi

Shabri Doshi, Senator at Large

My name is Shabri Doshi and I am currently studying Biomedical Informatics. I grew up in a diverse surrounding such as being born in India, raised in Africa (Kenya, Nairobi), traveled places such as; United Kingdom, Dubai and now I reside in the wonderful city called New York City. I am often mistaken as a quiet and simple individual, I would like to say don't "let the looks deceive you". Read More

Mohsin Mohammed

Mohsin Mohammed, Senator of Accessibility

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Mohsin Mohammad is the eldest child of two Pakistani parents, who came to American to pursue their American dream. He is also the first in his family to attend college. Mohsin dares not to be an average person. He strives for his greatness and wants to leave behind a legacy in life. He believes that doing what's right never goes out of style and that we must always improve ourselves. He is a unique leader, who stands out from the crowd. He realizes that not many people have a clear understanding of Accessibility issues. Read More

Cynida Drepaul

Cynida Drepaul, Senator of Technology and Design

I joined City Tech's Student Government Association, because I wanted to be able to create a community that we can proudly call a family. Now in my 2nd year with SGA, I understand all the inner workings of the CityTech community & SGA. Not only do we create pride and a community feeling on campus, we also work hard to solve issues that students face. Now that I am entering my third year in Architectural Technology, I have gained even more inspiration to be a part of SGA, mostly because the myriad of talented people in SGA and the City Tech community. I want students to be able to get more involved on campus and share their talents with each other. With the various resources within our campus and my own, I hope to bring both recreational and academic activities that will benefit students in their college experience at City Tech.

As Senator of Technology and Design at City Tech's Student Government Association, I will be catering to the needs of my school. This entitles getting to know the different majors, the needs of the students and the students themselves. And with that I will be able to have a better understanding and insight when SGA organizes events for Technology and Design students. I chose to represent the Technology and Design, because I understand and have seen first hand what a vibrant community it has. As a senator, I will try my best to be a team player, cater to tech and design and have fun while doing so. With a smile on my face, I will do my absolute best as part of the SGA Apollo and Senator of Technology and Design.

Cynida Drepaul

Trekisa Williams - Small, Senator of Technology and Design

My name is Trekisa Williams-Small; Senator for technology and design for Student Government Association. Programming is something that I have been interested in from middle school, so I decided to take a path and obtain degree's in this field. I started my journey at New York College of Technology in 2015 majoring in computer information systems. Now at the age of 20 I am currently obtaining my bachelors degree in software development.

The most important thing in my life is my family. I am the oldest of 5 children and raised by Jamaican parents. I love food as well as trying different food from different cultures and I love music. Spreading love and showing support is something that I feel I am strongly good at, so I decided to join SGA. I hope to get to know many new students with in the tech and design field as well as many other students within our school. As a dedicated senator I am here to be the voice of the students and spread that love and support that I have. It has been a great opportunity to be a part of Apollo.

David Coq

David Coq, Senator of Professional Studies

Emerging from a first generation American-Haitian household. I am 22 years old David Coq. Originally The New York City College of Technology (City Tech) was not my first choice, after attaining my high school diploma at the age of 17 at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School I attended the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University (LIU- Brooklyn Campus) . After completing a year at LIU I decided to transfer to City Tech and although it took me a while to adapt to my new environment I am happy that I was able to make it my home.

"If I have seen further than others then it is by standing on the shoulders of giants" From my younger days of high school I was always in the interest of helping others through philanthropy. This is a virtue that was passed down from my parents, one that I will forever cherish and one that contributed to the decision of me choosing my major Human Services.

The future that lies ahead for me is a long and tough one, one that takes 100% commitment. Success, true success is not only being the most outstanding individual you can be however it is also about the support system that you have underneath to serve as your foundation that can guide you on a path to greater excellence' there's no struggle without progress following it and there's no progress without a little struggle. "All problems become smaller if you don't dodge them but confront them". As your Senator at Professional Studies I am here to help you through that struggle I am a jack of all trades and will do anything I set my mind to so rest assured "If you can conceive it and believe it through hard work and dedication you will achieve it".

Norah Elnour

Norah Elnour, Senator of Professional Studies

Born in Bronx, New York to a Sudanese father and Trinidadian mother, Norah Elnour,18 years old, was an only girl with two brothers. She attended two elementary schools in New York and went to study abroad in Sudan for a year as a child. In her middle school and high school years, she was apart of the honors program which lead to her graduating a year early from high school. Being 17 years old and new to college ,it was a challenge she was ready for. As a freshman she realized she wanted to help the students who were in need of help like she was. SGA was the perfect thing. It was a challenge she was ready to take on to help all students be able to be more open to trying new activities , making City Tech feel like home, provide them with the help they need and want. As Senator of Professional Studies she hopes to make things possible for the students .
- "Don't wait for opportunity. Create it"

Jennifer Ramos

Jennifer Ramos, Senator of Professional Studies

My name is Jennifer Ramos and I am a current Human Service major at City Tech. I have always been interested in helping out others, which is why I choose my major. I have worked all around the school for programs like Strive for Success, Clip, ASAP and the scholarship and Residency Office. I am always trying my best to help out students and will continue to do so as Senator of Professional Studies. My biggest goal this academic year is to get students more involved in school activities.

Cynida Drepaul

Myisha Thasin, Senator of Arts and Sciences

The Senator of Art and Science position enables me to use my higher education advantages to pursue self-growth and growth with others. My experience working at The Queens Museum and the American Museum of Natural History has cumulatively garnered a strong enthusiasm for the arts (modern and contemporary) and museum education. This in turn has led me to explore the instruction and creation of STEAM curricula for inner city kids. I am currently working alongside the National Science Foundation(NSF) to train teachers the many STEAM platforms that enunciate the importance of utilizing technology in the classroom.The Senator of Art and Science position enables me to use my higher education advantages to pursue self-growth and growth with others. My experience working at The Queens Museum and the American Museum of Natural History has cumulatively garnered a strong enthusiasm for the arts (modern and contemporary) and museum education. This in turn has led me to explore the instruction and creation of STEAM curricula for inner city kids. I am currently working alongside the National Science Foundation(NSF) to train teachers the many STEAM platforms that enunciate the importance of utilizing technology in the classroom.

I came into City Tech wanting to at first become an Evolutionary Biologist. My love for understanding the transitional process of life and the natural course of biodiversity helped me enroll into the Biomedical Informatics program. These aspirations have yet broadened and I seek to one day also practice medicine. I aim to bring my skills and experiences to further create a well-balanced union between the students of City Tech and the officials of the CUNY program. By working for the people and by the people, I hope to give my all to this democratic coalition of the Student Government Association.