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Mathematics Education/BS

The mathematics education baccalaureate degree program is designed to prepare middle school and high school mathematics teachers. Our program will equip mathematics teachers with a solid pedagogical foundation that is complemented by an extensive mathematical background. Graduates of the program will be very competitive in finding teaching positions in New York State. They will also be well prepared for graduate school in mathematics education or pure mathematics. In addition, the strong mathematical training provided by this program makes graduates desirable to business, government, and industry.

Learning Outcomes for Mathematics Education Majors

Mathematics education graduates will be able to:

  • Create instructional plans to promote and enhance critical thinking, and problem solving abilities.
  • Create instructional plans that accommodate diverse needs of adolescent learners.
  • Use technology appropriate to the teaching and learning situations.
  • Develop a variety of formative and summative assessment instruments.
  • Self-reflect on professional practices and develop plans for continuous professional development.
  • Develop instructional plans based on current adolescent development and learning theories.
  • Teach mathematics through integration of content to other disciplines and application to real-world settings.
  • Create a classroom management plan and maintain a positive learning environment.
  • Plan, implement, and evaluate effective instruction in the middle and secondary school classroom.
  • Demonstrate collaborative relationships with educators, parents, and administration.
  • Make professional presentations.
  • Enter a Master’s degree program in pure mathematics or mathematics education.

Admission into the Program in Mathematics Education

Students applying for admission must meet the College standards for admission into a baccalaureate program and must be eligible to enroll in MAT 1475. Prospective transfer students should consult with the Mathematics Department at the earliest possible point to be certain that they gain maximum transfer credit and that they enter the program with the requisite background. Current City Tech students seeking to enter the program must secure the approval of the Mathematics Department to file a change of curriculum request with the Office of the Registrar. Students should be aware that the program requires a high level of math proficiency and that those unprepared for the rigorous coursework may be obliged to complete prerequisites before beginning their upper-level coursework in mathematics. This may add to the credits required for graduation.

Students in the bachelor of science in Mathematics Education must satisfy a foreign language requirement. The foreign language requirement may be met in any one of the following ways:

  • Successful completion of a 3-credit foreign language course at City Tech or transferred from another college.
  • Earning a score of 85 or higher on the New York State Regents examination in a foreign language.
  • A score of 4 or better on the advanced placement examination in a foreign language.
  • Satisfactory completion of a College Level Examination Program (CLEP) test in a foreign language.
  • Graduation from a higher education institution with a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, in which the language of instruction was other than English.

Students who meet the foreign language requirement with a 3-credit college course will be required to complete 3 fewer credits within the mathematical applications component of the bachelor of science in Mathematics Education.

The College will grant a bachelor of science degree in Mathematics Education upon a student’s successful completion of the 120 credits of the degree requirements.

More information for math education: current and prospective students

Teacher Education Programs at City Tech




English Composition (2 courses, 6 credits)

ENG 1101 English Composition I 3
ENG 1121 English Composition II 3

Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning (1 course, 4 credits)

MAT 1475 Calculus I2 or higher meets a degree requirement 4

Life and Physical Sciences (3-5 credits)

Any Approved Course


World Cultures and Global Issues

Foreign Language Requirement 0-3 meets NY State degree requirements 3
Or any approved course if language requirement is met

US Experience in its Diversity

Any Approved Course3

Individual and Society

PSY 1101 Introduction to Psychology (recommended) 3

Creative Expression

Any Approved Course3

Scientific World

MAT 2572 Probability and Mathematical Statistics I (recommended) 4

One additional course from any group

MAT 2580 Introduction to Linear Algebra (recommended) 3


One course in Speech/Oral Communication

COM 1330 Public Speaking or higher 3

One interdisciplinary Liberal Arts and Sciences course

Any Approved Course3

Additional liberal arts credits to reach a minimum total of 42 credits in general education. In meeting their general education requirements overall, students must take at least one advanced liberal arts course or two sequential courses in a foreign language

Writing Intensive Requirement

Students at New York City College of Technology must complete two courses designated WI for the associate level, one from GenEd and one from the major; and two additional courses designated WI for the baccalaureate level, one from GenEd and one from the major.

MAT 1475 Calculus IMet as GenEd
MAT 1476L Calculus Laboratory1
MAT 1575 Calculus II 4
MAT 2071 Introduction to Proofs and Logic 4
MAT 2572 Probability and Mathematical Statistics I 4
MAT 2580 Introduction to Linear Algebra4 3
MAT 2630 Applied Mathematics Technology 3
MAT 3021 Number Theory 4
MAT 3050 Geometry I 4
MAT 3075 Introduction to Real Analysis 4
MAT 3080 Modern Algebra 4
MAT 4030 History of Mathematics4 3
MAT 4050 Geometry II 3
MEDU 1010 Foundations of Mathematics Education 3
MEDU 1021 Teaching and Learning Strategies for Mathematics Teachers 3
MEDU 2010 Technology in Mathematics Education 2
MEDU 3011 Methods of Teaching Middle School Mathematics 4
MEDU 3020 Methods of Teaching Secondary School Mathematics 4
MEDU 4010 Supervised Student Teaching and Seminar in Middle School Mathematics 3
MEDU 4020 Supervised Student Teaching and Seminar in Secondary School Mathematics 3
PSY 1101 Introduction to Psychology53
PSY 2501 / EDU 2610 Child and Adolescent Development43
PSY 3502 / EDU 3610 Human Learning and Instruction43
EDU 2455 Methods and Materials for Special Needs Students3
EDU 4600 Professional Development Seminar2
ENG 1101 English Composition IMet as GenEd
ENG 1121 English Composition IIMet as GenEd
MAT 1475 Calculus IMet as GenEd
COM 1330 Public SpeakingMet as GenEd
Foreign Language Requirement Met as GenEd
Free Elective Credits (including 3 surplus GenEd credits above 42) 7

Applied Mathematics Component (Select up to 11 credits to make 120)

ARCH 2480 Structures l 3
ARCH 3522 A History of New York City Architecture 3
ARCH 3551 Sustainability: History and Practice 3
ARCH 3580 Structures ll 3
ARCH 3640 Historic Preservation Theory and Practice 3
EET 1102 Techniques of Electrical Technology 2
EET 1122 Circuit Analysis I 4
EET 1222 Circuit Analysis II 5
PHYS 2443 Physics 3.3 4
PHYS 2605 Introduction to Laser Physics and Photonics 4
PHYS 1117 Astronomy I 4
CET 3510 Microcomputer Systems Technology 4
CET 3525 Electrical Networks 4
CET 3625 Applied Analysis Laboratory 1
CET 3640 Software for Computer Control 3
CET 4705 Component and Subsystem Design I 2
CET 4773 Inter-networking Technology 4
CET 4805 Component and Subsystem Design II 2
CST 1101 Problem Solving with Computer Programming 3
CST 2403 Introductory C++ Programming Language Part I 3
CST 3503 C++ Programming Part II 3
MAT 2675 Calculus III 4
MAT 2680 Differential Equations 3
MAT 3672 Probability and Mathematical Statistics II 4
MAT 3770 Mathematical Modeling I – Optimization 3
MAT 4880 Mathematical Modeling II 3
MEDU 2901 Peer Leader Training in Mathematics1

1 Students are advised to consult the program-specific requirements for “doubleduty” courses: program-specific requirements that also meet CUNY Pathways general education requirements in that category. If students take different courses in these areas, they will be certified as having completed the Common Core areas, but it may not be possible for them to finish their degree program within the regular number of credits.

2 Students who lack the requisite math background for MAT 1375 will be required to take MAT 117 and/or MAT 1175 in preparation, depending upon initial placement. This will increase the number of required credits for the degree by 4-8.

3 Complete lists of liberal arts and sciences courses and advanced liberal arts courses, as well as semester-specific lists of interdisciplinary courses and writing intensive courses, are available online at the City Tech Pathways website.

4 Course may be taken in the College option

5 Course may be taken in the Flexible Core

6 Total LAS credits, including electives and additional mathematics courses, exceed 60.