City Tech Reopening Plan

Attachment K. Student Conduct Protocol

Student Conduct Protocol

Covid-19 Student Conduct Protocol: The City University of New York takes the well-being and safety of our students, faculty and staff very seriously. During the pandemic, we all have an obligation to behave in a responsible manner per the guidance approved in your campus' re-opening plan to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Responsible behavior extends to your off-campus and personal lives, which can affect your ability to transmit the virus on campus, including at a minimum:

  • always wearing a mask when on campus and when gathering with other individuals
  • maintaining physical distance of at least six feet on campus and when gathering with individuals outside the classrooms and other areas
  • limiting the size of on campus gatherings;
  • minimizing and limiting the size of events gatherings with other students

Article XV of the CUNY bylaws requires that each student obey policies, regulations, and orders of the University/College. Students are reminded that the Rules and Regulations for the Maintenance of Public order pursuant to article 129a of the education law ("Henderson Rules") prohibits:

  • behaviors that recklessly or intentionally endangers the health of others
  • behavior that interferes with the institution's educational processes.
  • failure to comply with the direction of a University official

The University is committed to adhering fully to current and future directives about social encounters from the federal, state and local public health officials. Any student found in violation of these directives may be subject to discipline under article XV of the CUNY bylaws.

Student Face Mask Accommodations, Modifications, or Exemptions: The office of disability services works with students who may require academic accommodations. If a student is unable to wear a mask for health reasons, the student should contact the campus office of disability services. This office will work with the student to help identify arrangements to complete in-person courses in an alternate format. If, however, there is an in-person class that cannot be accommodated in an alternative format, a student may be approved by the CUNY Office of Disability Programs, in consultation with the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, to wear a modified face mask or, in very rare circumstances, no face covering. In this situation, the office of disability services will communicate this information directly to the faculty member. Approved students will also be provided with a written exemption from the CUNY Office of Disability Programs that indicates any modifications or exceptions, which they must carry with them to show faculty if requested. Please note that medical exemptions are extremely rare and are based solely on medical necessity. If a student is exempt from the face mask policy, please consider how to seat students to ensure proper social distancing within a given instructional setting. For more information, please email Chris Rosa, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Inclusion Initiatives