City Tech Reopening Plan

Division of Continuing Education

Division of Continuing Education

Plan for Re-opening of Howard Building 4th Floor

Prepared by: Debra Salomon
Program Developer

Figure 1: Howard 4th Floor Proposed Lab Reopening for Limited In-Person Instruction

howard bilding

Plan in Brief: The Division of Continuing Education is requesting permission to access and utilize specific academic spaces on Howard Building 4th Floor for limited on-campus student instruction. The building is currently closed to student access and instruction. The Division plans to reopen a select number of instructional spaces for the purpose of offering in-person experiential learning that is directly tied to professional certifications, accreditation, and credentials needed for our students to successfully enter the workforce. This is particularly important, as many of our programs are applications, not theory based. A thorough preparation for certification exams is best accomplished with some hours of hands- on labs. The goal of this re-opening plan is to provide in-person training utilizing labs that we have furnished to meet the requirements of specific certifications. We will “take measures to make occupants feel safer, ensuring supply chain for critical items such as filters, and communication for building support and safety measures for occupants” (ASHRAE, 2020).

Rationale for Reopening

  • The Division of Continuing Education has successfully transitioned to online learning; however, the courses addressed in this plan require limited hands-on experience with equipment and manual skills practice. Many of our courses with certifications were cancelled during the pandemic since they require hands-on applications of content.
  • The School will follow the lead of the College’s clinical programs (with already CUNY approved re-opening plans) which are well adept and have a 30+ year history of implementing infection control practices to decrease the risk of infection with SARS-Co-V-2 among students, faculty and staff.

Preparation of the Howard Building for Limited Reopening and Operation

As per the College’s Reopening Plan, City Tech designates VP Miguel Cairol as Campus Coordinator for reopening and HSO Luis Venegas as Campus Liaison for Reopening.

Building Readiness and Management

  1. Air circulation: the Howard Building Staff shall manage Air movement. The College will advise on the latest guidance. For example, ASHRAE recommends that education facilities operating during the pandemic provide a minimum of three air changes per hour of fresh air. We will observe regulations in effect for Fall 2021.
  2. Disinfection: As per the College’s Reopening Plan, disinfection will be tasked as follows:
    1. All spaces identified for instructional use within this document as well as common areas such as bathrooms and egress paths shall be cleaned and disinfected by the Howard Building Staff, following CDC guidelines.
    2. At the conclusion of each class or activity session, cleaning and sanitizing all areas by lab technicians will take place to prepare the labs for the next session.
    3. Under supervision by a faculty or lab technician, students will also be engaged to assist with wiping down equipment used during a session (ex: computer screens, keyboards, testing equipment).
    4. Dean Sonnenblicks office will provide regular updates to the Liaison on the status of the facilities to comply with the procedures contained herein.
  3. Equipment: Equipment in training labs 428,408, 410, 414, 418, 419, 426, 430 (as shown in blue on the attached floor plan Figure 1) will be wiped down before the class begins, after each student’s use, and at the conclusion of class, to prepare for the next lab.
  4. Signage: Prior to reopening, Howard Building Division elevator and hallways shall be outfitted with appropriate signage and markings to maintain social distancing.
  5. Common area consumables: Sanitizer stations will be available at the main elevators. Paper towels will be utilized in bathrooms. Hand dryers will be covered and not available for use. Faculty, students and staff will be directed with notices in restrooms and elevators to report replenishment of consumables to the instructor. Consumables will be available in the H-4 main office.

Faculty, Student and Staff Social Distancing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Practices

All parties are to complete online training for Covid-19 prevention of transmission.
Faculty are to review required PPE and mask type based upon task and risk of aerosol. Faculty and staff are to review proper practice donning and doffing of PPE with students.
All sessions will be configured to serve no more than 50% of occupancy unless otherwise directed by the Campus Liaison. Classes will be configured to provide 3 feet or 6 feet social distancing capacity. The primary responsibility for purchasing masks and keeping adequate inventories PPE is assigned to the Division of Continuing Education. Coordination of maintaining adequate inventories and distribution of PPE to departments will be handled through the Dean’s office.

Overview of Movement and Social Distancing within the Howard Building 4th Floor

Prior to a scheduled session, all faculty, students, and staff are to comply with daily screening procedures in effect for fall 2021 to enter buildings.
Upon entering the building, all students, faculty and staff shall:

  1. be required to have a face covering (mask) the entire time when they are in the buildings if required.
  2. enter the building through the designated entrance.
  3. be prepared to comply with a thermal scan temperature check, if requested to do so by College screeners.
  4. comply with the direction of Public Safety, even this means that they are not permitted to enter the building and must provide medical clearance to return to campus.

Movement within the Howard Building 4th Floor

All faculty, students and staff will be instructed to go directly to their classroom and remain on the appropriate floor for the duration of their class session.

Elevators: As per the College’s Reopening Plan, in the Howard building a maximum occupancy of 4 persons will be allowed in main elevators.

Stairwells: Stairwells will remain closed. Access to classrooms will be by elevator.

Limited Reopening of Instructional Facilities Proposals

The following Division of Continuing Education departments are requesting to offer limited offerings for in-person instruction during the fall 2021 semester. The current room capacity metric of nine square feet of space per person will be observed.

Continuing Studies Center

  1. Hybrid NABCEP Photovoltaic Associate™ Entry Level Solar PV Certification Prep, H418 & 419
  2. Hybrid NABCEP Advanced PV Installation Professional Exam Prep, H418 & 419
  3. Hybrid Advanced Battery Energy Storage Training for PV Installers and Electricians, H418 & 419
  4. Hybrid Home Health Aide Certification, H428 and 410
  5. Hemodialysis Certification H410
  6. Hybrid CompTIA A+ Certification Prep, H430 and 408
  7. Hybrid CompTIA Net+ Certification Prep, H430 and 408
  8. Hybrid CompTIA Security+ Certification Prep, H430 and 408
  9. Blueprint for Construction, H408
  10. Building Science for Construction, H426

Business and Industry Workforce Training Center

  1. Blueprint Reading for Construction 426 and 408
  2. Building Science for Construction 426 and 408

Except as noted above, the Division of Continuing Education has opted to offer 100% online courses for fall 2021 at this time. All offerings are subject to change based on enrollment needs and availability of resources. The Continuing Studies Center Developed a Brooklyn Navy Yard Reopening Plan and has been able to conduct one small group lab with timed and rotated entry to equipment areas. Since the BNY site is out of doors fresh air is available.

Fall Options: Hybrid course: 3’ social distance spacing at 75% capacity in-person labs. Maintain current class sized and add instructional lab hours to provide in-person labs in two “shifts” Since doubling up on labs requires more instructional hours, this option will require a full class of 16 - 20 students. (Two groups of 8 students) 3 foot social distance 75%.

Advantages: All student publications and online announcements will clearly indicate which sections are fully online and which are hybrid with limited in-person labs. This option will also maximize the number of students receiving in-person instruction, as it will be part of the course requirements (and not optional).

Challenges:Enrollment limitations in these sections would need to decrease to 50% to meet room capacity when on campus. This would decrease potential revenue from the course sections. Alternatively, multiple smaller groups would need to be scheduled during synchronous class meeting times with supplemental instruction offered online. This would require additional support from laboratory technician staff and faculty to offer multiple smaller group work.

Option 2: Offer non-lab courses as fully online and supplement with live-streamed demonstrations, simulation software and group exercises. This tactic has been used to good effect in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021.

Table 1: Proposed student “seat” count for course section offerings

Course Fall 2021enrollment 50% capacity range
NABCEP Solar PV Entry Level Cert Prep 16 8
NABCEP Solar PV Advanced Cert Prep 16 8
Hybrid Advanced Battery Energy Storage
Training for PV Installers and Electricians
16 8
Home Health Aide Certificate Prep 20 10
CompTIA A+ Cert Prep 15 8
COMPTIA Net + Cert Prep 15 8
CompTIA Security + Cert Prep 15 8
Building Science for Construction 30 15
Blueprint Reading for Construction 30 15

Advantages:This gives department’s maximum flexibility and adaptability to offer supplemental instruction on campus given the unknown status of the COVID-19 virus and fiscal budget.

Challenges:This would require additional support from laboratory technician staff and faculty to offer workshops because they are not part of the scheduled course time. We will assess scheduling workshops and seminars as per requirements of CDC and the University.

Appendix A: Proposed Courses for Limited In-Person Instruction. (50% and 75%)

Department Course No. Course LIM No.
Sections Fall
Sections Spring
Room No.(s) Percent In-
Person Instruction
CSC PVI 200 16 1 1 H 418 and 419 75% 1
CSC PVI 206 16 1 1 H 418 and 419 75% 1
CSC ECX 403 16 1 1 H 418 and 419 75% 2
CSC CRS 101 16 1 1 H 430 and 408 75% 1
CSC CRS 102 16 1 1 H 430 and 408 75% 1
CSC CRS 103 16 1 1 H 430 and 408 75% 1
CSC HHA 100 16 1 1 H- 428 and 410 75% 1
CSC ECX 041 16 1 1 H- 426 75% 1
BIWTC BPR 100 30 2 2 H-426 75% 1
BIWTC BSC 100 30 2 2 H-408 75% 1