City Tech Reopening Plan

Humanities Department: Re-Opening Plan

Re-opening plan fall 2021 for A105


Our classes (COM 1330, COM 1340, and PERF 1332) slated for A105 cap at 50% capacity. 25 seats will be seat up at 3 or 6-foot social distance. Seats to be used are labelled with an X. All others will need to be taped across to ensure adequate space between occupants. These include alternate rows of seats, which are to be left unoccupied and taped across. Together, these arrangements meet social distancing requirements. In addition, since we have booked almost all time slots during the day on weekdays, we believe the tapes on the seats can be left in position at least on weekdays.


This strict direction of traffic will extend to how students access the long tables (i.e., the rows) at which they will seat themselves. Students must always enter the row in question from the left side (closer to Door A) and move rightwards to the very last seat available. When they leave their seats, they must keep moving in the same direction, towards the Door B end of the row, before they either move to the instructor's console (to give a presentation) or leave the room ( via Door B.) When they return to their seats, they must re-enter their row from the Door A end again. Again, arrows on the floor will help reinforce this pattern of movement.


Building and Ground will be responsible to clean the room at least once a day. The faculty member will sanitize the podium after each session.


There is a half hour gap between classes, so there is ample time for all to file out through Door B within 15 minutes. At 15 minutes before the second-class starts, Door A will be opened for the next group of students to walk in. The positioning of Hand Sanitizers in various spots in the room should permit all the opportunity to clean their hands.


As added precaution, window will be kept opened if possible.