City Tech Reopening Plan

Plans for iTEC and the V217 and G600 Student Labs

Voorhees 217 Technology Enhancement Center (iTEC)

Hours: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm Monday to Friday

Projected capacity: 25 students and 2 College Assistants plus one full-time staff member to maintain social distance.

G-600 lab Projected capacity: 31 students and 2 College Assistants plus 1 staff member

See layouts provided by campus facilities.

While many students will continue working remotely for the fall semester of 2021, some students may be taking face-to-face or hybrid courses, which necessitate the need for a campus computer. Some online students might need to complete a project for finals. Others might need help with Zoom, YuJa, Blackboard, Collaborate, or an application that the Department of Instructional Technology (iTEC) supports. In the past, the iTEC labs had a higher concentration of usage between the hours of 11:00 am – 7:00 pm, Monday – Friday, so these hours are recommended. The later closing also allows working students to come to the campus.

If additional computers are needed, the G-600 lab can open. If G-600 opens, the hours will be 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday to Friday to allow for maximum coverage during the most heavily trafficked hours, based on prior statistics, for that specific lab.

As already done in the spring of 2021, students will need to make a reservation to come to the College with an application designed by CIS to use the designated lab. They must screen themselves using the Everbridge app before coming to the campus. When making the appointment, they will be asked if they have screened themselves. If they have trouble using the app, they will be referred to the CUNY instructions:

Rationale for re-opening a general lab

  1. Students might need a lab because their computer or Internet connection is not working, or they need to complete a project. Students taking hybrid or face-to-face courses might need to complete homework when they are already on campus for classes.
  2. Students might need help using Blackboard, Collaborate, or one of the applications that iTEC supports. iTEC should try to virtually resolve these issues first with the student via email, Collaborate, or Zoom support if the student is off-campus. For students already on campus, the iTEC office will be open for support during the hours corresponding to open lab hours. iTEC will also refer students needing help through the Student Help Desk, Registrar, or other departments to the appropriate departments. Note that the booking system for the lab is not meant to be a help desk for general inquiries from students.

General Lab Physical Considerations (Facilities Management)

    1. Air circulation/ventilation is to be approved by Facilities Management and the Health and Safety Officer.
    2. General lab and bathroom cleaning and disinfection will be managed by Facilities Management before the first general re-opening and each day after the lab is used after the lab closes for the evening or before re-opening in the morning.
    3. Campus Facilities and/or the CIO and those responsible for signage on the reopening committee will provide appropriate campus signage to iTEC to remind staff and students to clean hands, wear a mask, etc.
    4. Campus Facilities will provide a hand sanitizer dispenser in the lab and refill the dispenser each evening the lab has been open.
    5. If possible, Campus Facilities will provide extra masks in case any break, and gloves for cleaning keyboards.
    6. Campus Facilities will build a plexiglass frame around the College Assistant desk for check-in and printing.

Computers in the Lab

  1. Campus facilities will provide a layout demonstrating the six-foot and three-foot circumference of seating between computers, per CUNY guidelines.
  2. iTEC will block off computers that do not meet the six-foot or three-foot circumference, so students can only use computers designated by Campus Facilities on the layout.

iTEC Staff and Students

  1. iTEC staff will use the booking app previously created by CIS under the supervision of the CIO.
  2. When booking a reservation, students must State their reason for a visit to the lab. They must also confirm they have used the Everbridge app to enter the building.
  3. Students will be provided a reservation as available for homework, projects, and other academic needs. Support will also be provided remotely, using Blackboard, Collaborate, Zoom, or one of the apps that iTEC supports. All other students will be referred to appropriate departments in the College, such as the Student Help Desk, Registrar, etc.
  4. If students don’t know how to use the Everbridge app, they will be sent CUNY’s instructions.
  5. Upon arriving at the College, students will clear security through the use of the Everbridge app.
  6. All students and staff will be required to wear masks when entering the College and using the lab. Security will be contacted if any student refuses to do so.
  7. If students have questions, they can ask a College Assistant or the full-time staff member assigned to the lab for that week. Students and staff will be asked to maintain the six foot or three foot social distance when talking to each other. Staff can also help students remotely via Zoom or Collaborate; however, in most cases this would have been done prior to booking the student into the lab.
  8. College Assistants supervised by a full-time iTEC staff member will wipe each computer keyboard and mouse down after each student is finished using the computer.