City Tech Reopening Plan

Reopening Library

City Tech Library Fall 2021 Reopening Plan
July 28, 2021 (revised)

Aligned with the official City Tech Reopening Plan, these plans are subject to approval. Required campus protocols will be followed and personnel schedules will be staggered to comply with return to in‐person work policies and maximum occupancy limits.

Fall 2021

  • Library faculty and staff work in the Library during regular business hours Monday‐Friday, 9:00am‐ 5:00pm, staggered schedules ensure personnel in the Library at those times.
  • All remote Library services and resources continue, including information literacy instruction, research consultations, workshops, and access to resources including databases, articles, newspapers, ebooks, streaming video, and other electronic resources.
  • Book pickup service implemented for borrowing physical Library materials:
    • Materials will be requested by students, faculty, and staff (patrons) via the Library website:
    • When materials are ready for pickup, patrons will receive an email instructing them to come to the Library for pickup during regular business hours (Monday‐Friday, 9am‐5pm); materials will be held for 10 days
    • Materials will be picked up at the Borrow & Return Desk in the Library (see attached floorplan, patrons will access only the area indicated in yellow)
    • Patrons will return materials to the book drop box inside the Tillary St. entrance to the Library Building
  • Remaining library space remains closed to students, faculty, and staff; line control barriers will restrict patrons to the Borrow & Return Desk only.
  • Library faculty and staff working on campus will be:
    • Facilitating pickup of library materials, including interlibrary loan
    • Processing and shelving returned materials
    • Processing and cataloging books and supplies that have arrived since March 2020
    • Updating/maintaining Library technology in computer labs, classrooms, service desks, and faculty/staff offices
    • As scheduled, teaching and providing research consultations fully online
  • All campus requirements for masking, distancing, and occupancy limits will be adhered to by Library faculty and staff working on site in the Library.
    • Signage will be posted throughout the Library


CUNY libraries will restart book and other materials lending system‐wide with the start of the Fall semester. Allowing City Tech students, faculty, and staff to pick up the books and other materials they are borrowing from the Library at the Borrow & Return Desk will save time and effort for library staff, and is thus vastly preferable to our original plan to have grab & go service from a table on the 1st floor of the Library Building (which would have required books to be brought downstairs from the Library each morning and/or stored downstairs).

Facilities Prerequisites

  1. Library has been thoroughly cleaned, including cleaning surfaces (service desks, tables, carrel desks, restrooms, lounge), vacuuming all carpets (including faculty/staff offices) and mopping linoleum floors.
  2. A cleaning schedule for the Library, especially restrooms, is established and shared with Library faculty and staff; similarly, an HVAC maintenance schedule is shared, including process for notification if/when HVAC is down.
  3. Appropriate PPE are provided for Library faculty and staff to clean shared spaces and computers after use.
  4. A plexiglass barrier is provided for the Borrow & Return Desk in front of the library staff computer station, and stickers indicating physical distancing are applied to the floor where patrons will stand in line to wait for service (see attached floorplan, patrons will access only the area indicated in yellow).