WISE Women's Center




300 Jay Street
Brooklyn, NY 11241

Phone: 718-260-5391


WISE Pillars


The WISE Center seeks to empower the NYCCT community by providing a supportive environment that facilitates growth. Through resources, the Center will share information, assist students with setting well-defined objectives, encourage perseverance, acknowledge accomplishments, and create opportunities aimed at building skill-sets to maintain overall wellness and achievement.


The WISE Center commits itself to building student leadership competencies by bringing self-awareness to personal goals. In doing so, the WISE Center will supply students with goal-oriented counseling, mentorships, networking opportunities, and inspirational platforms that embrace the success of female leaders. All initiatives will concentrate on developing leadership skills both academically and professionally.


In collaboration with health organizations, the WISE Center will provide resources, referrals, materials and informational programming for issues and concerns addressing women’s health and wellness. Seminars, workshops and informational sessions will address the integration of mindful wellness and healthy lifestyle choices to be adapted throughout college and beyond.

Professional Development

In partnering with various City Tech departmental areas and outside organizations, the WISE Center aims to host a series of career-oriented focus groups that assist students with their professional development. Other forums will include professional coaching, resume writing, guidance on effective interview techniques, and meet & greets with women of distinction.

Gender Equity

The WISE Center commits itself to collaboratively working with the NYCCT community and select organizations to bring awareness to gender equities. Via educational resources, the Center will dedicate itself to creating dialogue to bring awareness to social, political, legal, cultural, economic and occupational segregation and disadvantage. The Center will further encourage and support social integration, participate in and promote advocacy forums for equal rights for all and empower women through support initiatives.