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Clubs and Student Organizations

City Tech clubs are an integral part of college life because they allow students with common interests to come together and work toward a common goal. They are also a great way to meet your peers, get to know the college, expand your college education beyond the classroom, and participate in student-sponsored social events on campus.

Club hours are on Thursday, 12:45-2:15pm.

Name of Organization Club President Club President's Email Club Room
Ambassadors Club Robert Lo N206
American Culinary Federation (ACF) Michelle Chen TBA
Anna Nurse Club Samael Salomon TBA
Architecture Club Gabriela Martinez V812
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Denise Clare Calungod V401A
ASHRAE Club Lev Chesnov TBA
Aspiring Hotel Leaders Club Matt Vintis N206/N207
Biomedical Informatics (BIB) Shazeda Omar N523
Chemistry Club Baljit Kaur A406
City Tech Cybernetics Club Samiha Rashid Riham TBA
CStep Club Yaa Andoh N505A
Designers and Innovators in Computer Engineering Club (DICE) Xiao Lin Chen V615
ETA International Alenso Labady V743
Hospitality Garden Club Matthew Nasser N206
Human Services Club Desiree Duran N419A
IEEE Club Astrid Frank V743
Industrial Design Club Elvis Boves V511
International Facility Management Club (IFMA) Jelani Barro E102
Jaws Club Jasmine Marshall TBA
Law and Paralegal Studies Club Mariam Hamchache N622A
Mechanical Engineering Club Giovanni Campos V508
National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) Timothy Medina A506
Nutrix Nursing Club Jasmine Kang A612
National Society of Professional Engineers Sergio Carillo V724
Optical Alliance Society Imrana Khalik P301
Physics Club Kenneth Lopez N802A
Rem Rad Club Farzana Rahman P501
SADHA Club Roseanna Torres P205
Spoons Across America Club Jarnelle Foucault N206
Stagecraft Club Amanda Langhaus Voorhees Theater
Sustainable Technology Association Langston Clark V834A
Name of Organization Club President Club President's Email Club Room
Black Male Initiative Club Nigel Franklyn N804
Caribbean Student Association Jevaunnie Muir N521
Chinese Christian Fellowship (CCF) Caleb Wu N523A
City Tech Creations Club Sarah Rameau TBA
City Tech E-Sports Club Jose Calderin V103A
City Tech Makers Jeffrey Guzman TBA
City Tech Step Team Darian Jarvis TBA
City Tech Women Engineers Club Syeda Nazia Rahman V614
Cooks In The Market Angela Moreno N114
Drones Club Itzchak Mor V508
Guinean Student Association Oumar Diallo N701A
Ink Club Odalys Punch N1121
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Matthew Cheng N226
Lounge for Anime & Gaming Daniel Barrozo 5th Floor Lounge - G Building
Makers Club Chad Boodoo V508
Mind In Question (M.I.Q) David Coq TBA
Multicultural Awareness Group (M.A.G) Jassiem Morris TBA
Music Club Cliffon Sturdivant G102A/G103
Muslim Student Association (MSA) Husam Alradai G520B/N402
Newman Club Ronaldo Carhuaricra N701
Parents Dynamic Club Minerve Pluviose TBA
Seekers Christian Fellowship Robine Jean-Pierre N416
South Asian Culture Club Maryam I Khan N1021
Virtual Reality and Artifical Intelligence Club (VR & AI) Liza Chiu V508
Women In Islam Hadiqua Latif G520