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Financial Aid

Federal Work-Study

The Federal Work-Study Program is a program that provides part-time jobs for undergraduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. Jobs are available both on and off-campus and include community service work.

Frequently Asked Questions

To be considered for this award, you must complete your financial aid applications and request consideration for FWS by checking the appropriate box on the FAFSA. FWS money is awarded on a first-come, first served basis. The University receives a fixed amount of money each academic year to make FWS awards. Once this money is awarded, there is no more for that academic year. You are encouraged to file your financial aid applications early. When you receive your award letter from the college, it will indicate whether or not you have been awarded FWS.

In the Campus Finances section, click the Accept/Decline Awards link (you must accept each semester's award

To be eligible and receive FWS, you must:

  • Be matriculated and enrolled at least on a half-time basis (six credits or its equivalent). However, during the summer, continuing students do not have to be enrolled, but must register for the following Fall semester as a half-time matriculated student.
  • Be a citizen of the United States, or an eligible non-citizen as per the program guidelines.
  • Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
  • You must accept your FWS award immediately on CUNYfirst. Funding is available on a first come basis. Follow the steps below to accept your FWS award.
  • Demonstrate financial need.
  • You must complete the Sexual Assault On-Line Training.

How to accept my FWS Award

  • Login to CUNYfirst at
  • Select HR/Campus Solutions from the menu.
  • Navigate to Self Service, followed by Student Center.
  • In the Campus Finances section, click the Accept/Decline Awards link (you must accept each semester’s award).

How to complete the Sexual Assault On-Line Training:

FWS Placement

FWS placement will be held at the college during the summer (if your college has a summer work-study program) and fall semester classes begin. You will need to refer to the college website to get the schedule of the placement hours. Please bring the following items with you:

  • Proof of accepted award
  • Proof of completed Sexual Assault On-Line Training (Certification of Completion)
  • Acceptable identification
  • Your current resume (if you have one)

Note: International students are not eligible for participation in the FWS Program. If you are an entering freshman, you will not be eligible to participate in the Federal Work-Study program until the beginning of the Fall semester.

Where you work depends on the amount of your award, class schedule and job skills. At the FWS Placement, we make all efforts to place you in a job that compliments or reinforces your educational program or career goals. You may work either on-campus in one of the departments of the College or off-campus at a number of profit and non-profit community service agencies. Also, it may be possible for you to work at selected companies in the private sector that choose to participate in the program. If you receive a small award or have a heavy class schedule, you will usually be placed on-campus.

Yes. If you receive FWS, you will come to the Financial Aid Office for Placement at the beginning of the semester. You will usually be given a list of jobs available. After selecting a job, you will arrange for an interview with the work-study employer and you will be given a work-study employment contract to bring to the job site. If you are hired, you and your supervisor will sign the contract and other related documents, and you will return it to the Financial Aid Office. Only then you may begin to work.

Note: If you are not hired, you must return the unsigned contract to the Financial Aid Office, choose another job assignment, arrange for another interview and get a new contract if you are hired.

No. Your FWS award represents the maximum amount you may earn for the academic year. How much of the total award you actually receive depends on your rate of pay, the total number of hours you work each week, and the number of weeks you work in the year. Once you have earned your maximum FWS award, you will have to stop working.

Yes. You are paid by the hour; your rate of pay on campus will be $9.00 per hour. The rate of pay can be higher for jobs off-campus but will be no lower than $11.00 per hour.

Your FWS supervisor must submit FWS time sheets according to the FWS pay cycle schedule for payment. If time sheets are not received as scheduled, you may not be paid on time.

No. You can be paid only for the hours you have worked. If you cannot earn your entire FWS award before the end of the academic year, the unearned portion of your award is returned to the program.

You must register for and maintain an enrollment status of half-time (6 credits or equated credits) or greater to be eligible for FWS. If, for any reason, your course load falls below half time, you can no longer participate in the program and must stop working.

Yes. If you withdraw from school for any reason, you lose your eligibility for FWS and must stop working.

Yes. If you are receiving unemployment insurance benefits and are also employed in the FWS program, you must notify your local unemployment office that you are working in the FWS program. The New York State Department of Labor considers it willful misrepresentation to collect unemployment benefits without revealing that you are also receiving FWS.

Yes. FWS earnings are considered taxable income by both federal and state governments. However, FWS earnings are not counted as income in determining eligibility for financial aid.

According to federal law, the identity and work eligibility of all FWS students must be verified before beginning a FWS assignment. You will have to complete an I-9 form and present certain documents to an appropriate FWS representative. You may not participate in the on-campus FWS program until you have filed an I-9 form with the Financial Aid Office. If you work off-campus, you will file your I-9 with your off-campus employer.

If you never had a job, the FWS program can give you your first exposure to the job market. FWS employers are often willing to give you on-the-job training. You can find positions relating directly to your program of study or career choice, thereby gaining valuable job experience. You may learn about giving something back to the community through a community service related FWS position. When seeking regular employment after graduation, you may use your FWS job as an employment reference. If you are enrolled in the Cooperative Education department, you can sometimes use your FWS job to fulfill your internship requirement. Finally, you could be hired as a regular employee by the employer you worked for as a FWS student.