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Undergraduate Research

Welcome to City Tech's Undergraduate Research Website

The goal of City Tech's undergraduate research program is to ensure that all students have access to undergraduate research opportunities. We are committed to the principle that research is a learning experience leading to deeper understanding of concepts taught in the classroom, through their application to discover new knowledge or solve societal problems. We strive to support:

  1. Undergraduates by connecting them with faculty mentors, providing professional development and opportunities to show case and celebrate their work.
  2. Faculty mentors by advertising their research interests, providing mentorship on mentoring, fund raising in order to provide additional resources, guidance on incorporation of research into the curriculum, and recognition of their contributions.

Contact Information:

Prof. Hamid Norouzi, Director of Undergraduate Research (

Undergraduate Research Committee membership: Professors: Ralph Alcendor, Nadia Benakli, Mariya Bessonov, Monica Berger, Susan Davide, Aida Egues, Katherine Gregory, Ellen Kim, Xiaohai Li, Zory Marantz, Masa Nakamura, Hamid Norouzi (Chair), Akm Rahman, Katherine Poirier, Jonas Reitz, Jody Rosen, Liana Tsenova, Robert Walljasper, Angran Xiao, Mai Zahran, and Lin Zhou.

Associate Provost Reginald Blake, Namm 320

Emerging Scholars Program

The Emerging Scholars Program provides students with an opportunity to apply what was learned in the class room to discover new knowledge, solve real-world problems and develop professionally while working with faculty to advance their scholarly endeavors. The program includes specially designed workshops for students offered by the Undergraduate Research Committee, preparation of an abstract and participation in the Honors/Emerging Scholars poster session. Participating students must complete online training through Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) within the first six weeks.The Emerging Scholars Program provides a $500 stipend for full-time students (enrolled for 12 or more credits) and a $250 stipend for part-time students (enrolled in 11 or fewer credits) for conducting research with a faculty member. Some funding for student travel to professional conferences to present results is available. Part I of a two-part application is found online, and should be filled out by students who already have a faculty mentor to work with or are looking for one, and are interested in participating in the ESP in Fall 2021.

Fall 2021 ESP Application


CUNY Research Scholars Program (CRSP)

The CUNY Research Scholars Program provides funded laboratory experiences for associate degree students over a one-year period. The goal of the program is to encourage undergraduate students enrolled in associate degree programs to participate in authentic research and to increase persistence in STEM disciplines.
Applications accepted in the fall only.

Part I of the two-part application should be completed online once a mentor and project has been identified:

Year 2021-2022 CRSP Application


Abstracts and Posters

Emerging Scholars Program (ESP)

CUNY Research Scholars Program (CRSP)

Baccalaureate Research Scholars Program (BRSP)

BRSP - Spring 2016 Book of Posters

Abstracts of the Baccalaureate Research Scholars Program Spring 2016

The Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP)

LSAMP - Book of Abstracts Spring 2021

LSAMP Spring 2021 Book of Posters

LSAMP - Book of Abstracts Fall 2020

LSAMP Fall 2020 Book of Posters

LSAMP Spring 2020 Book of Abstracts

LSAMP Spring 2020 Book of Posters

LSAMP - Book of Abstracts Fall 2019

LSAMP - Fall 2019 Book of Posters

LSAMP Spring 2019 Book of Abstracts