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Clubs and Student Organizations

City Tech clubs are an integral part of college life because they allow students with common interests to come together and work toward a common goal. They are also a great way to meet your peers, get to know the college, expand your college education beyond the classroom, and participate in student-sponsored social events on campus.

Club hours are on Thursday, 12:45-2:15pm.

Club Name Club Advisor
Architecture Club Prof. Lia Dikigoropoulou
Art and Design Club Prof. George Garrastegui
Biomedical Informatics Club Prof. Joan Weinreb
Chemistry Club Prof. Diana Samaroo
City Tech Cybernetics Club Prof. Farrukh Zia
City Tech Women Engineers Club Prof. Farrukh Zia
International Business Organization Club Prof. John Dixon
International Facility Management Association Club Prof. Catherine Cullen
Jaws Club Prof. Nicholas Manos
Math Club Prof. Johann Thiel
Mechanical Engineering Club Prof. Andy S. Zhang
Mechatronics Club Prof. Andy Zhang
Nutrix Nursing Club Prof. Pearline Okumakpeyi
Physics Club Prof. Viviana Acquaviva
Stagecraft Club Prof. Susan Brandt
Sustainable Technology Association Club Prof. Alexander Aptekar
Club Name Club Advisor
African Student Association Prof. Javiela Evangelista
American Sign Language Club Prof. Christine Dudley
Cantonese Club Laura Yuen-Lau
Caribbean Student Association Vanessa Villanueva
Multicultural Awareness Group Alberto Rivera
South Asian Culture Club Prof. Bruce Kan
Club Name Club Advisor
Anna Nurse Club Prof. Joanne Jacus
Ambassadors Club Prof. Claire Stewart
American Culinary Federation Robert Waljasper
Aspiring Hotel Leaders Prof. Heejun Kim
C-Step Club Pamela Brown
ETA International Club Prof. Hamid Marandi
Hospitality Garden Club Prof. Mark Hellermann
IEEE Club Prof. Hamid Marandi
Law and Paralegal Club Prof. Jeannette Espinoza
National Society of Collegiate Scholars Club Prof. Janet Liou-Mark
National Society of Black Engineers Prof. Reginald Blake
Optical Alliance Society Club Prof. Joseph Sollecito
Rem Rad Club Prof. Jennett Ingrassia
SADHA Club Prof. Anna Matthews
Sustainable Cooks In the Market Prof. Jean Claude
Club Name Club Advisor
Chinese Christian Fellowship John Curry
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Nicole Wright
Muslim Student Association Mina Abusaef
Newman Club Kerin Coughlin
Women In Islam Mina Abusaef
Club Name Club Advisor
City Tech Creations Club Galdys Roldan
City Tech Debate Club Prof. Urmi-Ghosh Destidar
City Tech E-Sports Club Prof. Heidi Boisvert
City Tech Step Team Jamie Jackson
Digital Fabrication Club Prof. Phillip Anzalone
ENT Video Club Prof. Ryoya Terao
Industrial Design Club Prof. Andy Zhang
Ink Club Prof. Eli Neugeboren
Parents Dynamic Club Richard Fanfan
Peer Led Team Learning Club Julia Rivera
Planeteers Club Prof. Kerin Coughlin
Sphinx Club James Jackson
Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence Club Prof. Zhou Zhang
Club Name Club Advisor
Human Services Club Prof. Deborah Courtney
Spoons Across America Club Prof. Rosa Abreu