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Ngozi Okonkwo
SGA President

General Building 400 (G-400)

Phone: 718-260-5019

2021-2022 Student Government Elections

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Vote Dates April 5th - April 16th

If you have any trouble with the link above, please use the credentials below:

Username: EMPLID
Password: NYCCT

The system will ask you to enter your Username and Password (listed above). Online voting should take you less than 10 minutes. Note the online ballot can be accessed from any smartphone or device that has full browser capabilities. All of your choices are held in a secure database. No one has access to the choices you made. The system will give you a confirmation number. This number is proof to you that your vote has been successfully transmitted to Votenet’s secure database.

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Alisha Corke

Alisha Corke - Senator of Technology

My name is Alisha Corke, I am a first-generation college student from Brooklyn, NY. I am a Sophomore studying Computer Information Systems. As a Senator of Tech and Design, I hope to innovate programs that are implementable and caters to the needs of a variety of students. We live in a society in which college is no longer a requirement for success. So, I believe we should reward students for taking this path and provide them with resources and opportunities they would not be able to find elsewhere. I want students to be equipped with knowledge that they can apply in their everyday lives. Aside from getting an education, I want students to have a unique, and memorable college experience. Through collaboration with my fellow SGA body members, I hope to create a blueprint here at City Tech to put the value back in a college education.

Claudia Wallen

Claudia Wallen - Senator of Professional Studies

My name is Claudia Wallen, and I am an upper junior majoring in Law and Paralegal Studies. Through my work experience, I have been able to home in on my passion of advocacy. From the beginning of my college career, I have had a desire to advocate for disadvantaged people, and at that point I was uncertain how I would find my place in that. However, through working with a youth advocate group and volunteering for non - profit organizations, I understood that I would advocate by amplifying the voices of others and by empowering people. If I become a Senator of Professional Studies, I would use my time in this position to amplify the voices of unheard students and work to create a more seamless college experience for students in the School of Professional Studies.

Frank Lachapelle

Frank Lachapelle - Vice President of Finance

My name is Frank Lachapelle and I am running for Vice President of Finance (VPF) for the year 2021-2022. I am currently in the Student Government Association (SGA) as the Senator of Tech and Design and as an Alternate for the United Student Senate. I am currently a junior, majoring in Data Science. Ever since my freshman year, I volunteered for SGA and advocated for students. I am passionate about student life and by taking up the role for VPF I would further advocate to ensure a safe and fun year.

Juvanie Piquant

Juvanie Piquant - Executive Vice President

Juvanie Piquant is the first Haitian American woman to serve as the University Student Senate (USS) Chairperson. She represents 500,000 CUNY students in New York State and is the only student member of the City University of New York Board of Trustees. Ms. Piquant is a third-year honors scholar student attending New York City College of Technology Majoring in Law & Paralegal Studies. Ms. Piquant also formerly served as the Vice-Chair of Legislative Affairs for the University Student Senate and ensured the students of CUNY had a representative that would advocate for the progression and affordability of higher education at local, state, and federal levels. As a candidate Executive Vice President of City Tech SGA Juvanie hopes to bridge the relationship between students and campus involvement. Juvanie’s purpose is to ensure all students regardless of background feel as if City Tech is a place they can thrive.

Kevin Li

Kevin Li - Senator of Technology

Kevin Li is a junior majoring in Data Science and is running for Senator of Technology and Design. He sees college as a place of new beginnings, a place for self-discovery, and a community of like-minded people—however diverse—striving to do their best. Although the traditional college experience has been out of reach during the pandemic and online learning appears to be establishing itself as a mainstay, he hopes to establish a sense of virtual community that has been missing for the past year. As Senator, he will seek to provide a welcoming forum for discussions, a place where students can stay updated with decision-making processes that affect them, and—most importantly—to advocate for student needs.

Matthew Ahrens

Matthew Ahrens - Executive Vice President

My name is Matthew Ahrens I was born on October 23rd, 2001 and was raised here in Middle Village Queens NY. I am currently running for SGA Executive Vice President here at City Tech while studying for my bachelor’s in computer information systems. As described by multiple of my peers I am selfless. When someone comes to me for issues, I want to help them the best I can till something is resolved in any order or fashion. My Mom, she is my rock, my partner in crime, my best friend my everything. She was the one that helped me through my baby steps to becoming the person I am today. As I am running for SGA vice president my main goal is to have more support groups for people who were affected by these unprecedented times of the virus. From these group meetings I want people to get the message that they are not alone.

Melody Ruiz

Melody Ruiz - Senator of Evening Students

My name is Melody Ruiz and I live in Queens. I am a Hospitality Management major, and this is my second semester here at City Tech. I am running for Senator of Evening students and am greatly looking forward to becoming a part of the SGA family. My contribution of dedication and diligence will help us all together achieve in making this year a success.

Salimatou Doumbouya

Salimatou Doumbouya - Senator of Technology

Salimatou Doumbouya was born and raised In Guinea. She went to an all-girl school and attended that school for 8 years. During her school years, she had the chance to have a professor who helped her discover things about herself and gave her confidence about her abilities and skills like public speaking, writing, and reasoning. Having a mentor early on helped her develop a very early self confidence that helps her today in her endeavors. Salimatou has an Associate degree in Liberal Arts from the Borough of Manhattan Community College where she actively participated and influenced students' lives. Now, she is an Architecture student at the New York City College of Technology. She is a mentor, an executive Board member at the BMCC National Society of Leadership and success and chair of community service and she founded and manages the Building A Brighter African Diaspora Program. Salimatou spends her free time watching shows on Netflix and exploring new ideas to contribute to the community. She functions on creativity and gets excited every time she gets an idea and directly goes on to making her vision a reality. However, she is also a listener and believes in the power of collaboration. For her, being a leader is being able to propose a vision and get people to follow through by allowing them to input their own ideas and adjustments. Her plan is to stay herself no matter what she accomplishes because she understands that society tends to have a certain image of people and puts them in boxes based on societies vison. She wants to create a safe space for people to explore their creativity and become the better versions of themselves.

Abigail Thomas

Abigail Thomas - President

Abigail Thomas is a Brooklyn native and Senior in Law and Paralegal studies. She currently serves as the Vice-President External Affairs after being promoted from the Senator of Accessibilities. She also serves as a director for NYPIRG and the Executive Vice-Chair of CUNY Coalition for Students with Disabilities. She is a disabled student, non-binary trans-woman, and a lesbian, as well as a victim of domestic violence, lateral violence, and sexual violence. She was an active member of the Transgenerational Theatre Project from 2015 through 2018 and a participant of the Transgender Theatre Festival in downtown Brooklyn for the summers of 2016, 2017, and 2018. As well as a frequent participant in the local pride centers, the TransLatinX network, and many anti-violence organizations and women’s centers. Ms. Thomas completed informed Trauma counseling in February of 2018 only to be propelled as the guest speaker at Denim Day Festivities in Staten Island. She was a speaker as well at Brightpoint Health’s ceremony of Hope in May of 2018 where on a stage of more than 200 attendees in Midtown Manhattan she proclaimed her ambitions to work her way into law school. Within only 3 months Ms. Thomas decided on where to start her academic career, navigated access VR for financial support, got together to get important records, and finally within a period less than a week took entry exams, lined up TAP grant, handled getting the proper identity documents to advisement, saw a general advisement, and started taking her first class at 7:30 am. Since blazing through this in 2018, she has done nothing but expand those efforts. First by getting involved in her departmental functions like taking active leadership in the Law & Paralegal Studies Club and going out to local high schools to engage interested students in attending City Tech. Later on, starting study groups with fellow students and became one of the more focused leaders in CCSD. From there she engaged students and got herself elected Senator of Accessibility in 2020, subsequently getting elected to NYPIRGs board of director, and being offered the role of being Vice-Chair at CCSD. As an avid LGBTQIA+ and disability rights activist she seeks to employ intersectionality and balancing equity in everything she does. As we all face challenges both having virtual classes and looking forward to transition back to in person classes. She is someone who will lead and help us based on experience, hardship, and struggle. She wants to lead because it has always been in her, she wants to because she remembers that feeling of being stifled like many young students, she wants to because there is no community without unity and community is exactly what City Tech is about.

Saida Bary

Saida Bary - Senator of Arts & Science

Saida Bary is running for Senator of Arts and Sciences for the year of 2021-2022.

At the start of her college career, Saida has helped with events organized by the Student Government Association (SGA) and the New York Public Interest Group (NYPIRG) at the City Tech campus. She also was involved with the United Student Senate (USS).

Saida has strived to be involved in many student organizations as possible since she knows that the students of CUNY deserve better. This semester, Saida has worked with two political campaigns that share her hope of fully funded CUNY. She devoted her time to volunteering for City Council candidates: Elisa Crespo of District 15 and Shahana Hanif of District 39.

Saida knows that this COVID-19 pandemic has not been easy for students as it has taken a devastating toll on their mental health. She plans for a safe college reopening and to promote the mental health services offered at the campus. She has compassion for students and the determination to serve them well. Saida carries the vision of UNITY, working for and with the students.

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Alcha Soumailou - College Association Board

Ngozi Okonkwo

Ngozi Okonkwo - Newspaper Editor-in-Chief

My name is Ngozi Okonkwo, I am a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering and I am a Senator of Tech and Design. As a Senator, I plan to elevate the professional development of the Tech and Design students. I plan to work with my team to develop and implement more events and workshops where students will have the opportunity to interact and build connections to enhance their professional careers. I will work with the departments to create more effective resources to aid in coursework. Lastly, I plan to establish a space where the Women of Tech and Design are able to grow academically, professionally, and socially. I look forward to the opportunity to serve the students of Technology and Design in the upcoming year!