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School of Technology & Design

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300 Jay Street
Voorhees Hall 806 (V-806)
Brooklyn, NY 11201


Phone: 718-260-5525

Meet the Dean

The School of Technology & Design offers two- and four-year degrees and certificates for technologists, technicians and designers.

The School is home to a unique range of programs. Fields of study include graphic communications and digital media, architecture, computer-aided design, live entertainment and interactive technology, software, networking, information security and data management, electronic and power systems, optical and wireless telecommunications, robotics and automation, civil engineering and construction technologies, and environmental control systems.

City Tech faculty members are ready to provide guidance and expertise. As a student in Technology & Design you will benefit from close relationships among topics, tools, and course modules coordinated between departments. In addition to opportunities for professional internships and research projects with faculty, you may take coursework in secondary areas of study to complement your major field.

Transforming your talents and interests into professional skills is a journey like no other. Your companions are dedicated professionals and fellow students, who become mentors, learning partners and friends. We invite you to explore our programs and to contact those departments where you have interests and questions. Our departments work closely together and can help you find the best program to meet your educational goals.

Gerarda M. Shields
Room V-806