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Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

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Phone: 718-260-5430

For emergencies, please contact Public Safety at 718-260-5555


Welcome to Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)


Colleges and Universities throughout the country started creating Behavioral Intervention Teams (BIT) as a way to monitor student behavior and provide campus protection and early intervention support services. At City Tech, BIT is comprised of key administrators and faculty that represent various areas of the college. The team does not play a disciplinary role but rather acts as a screening committee. Their role is to review student behavior on campus that appears bizarre or destructive and intervene for safety and support. Often times the behavior of the student being reviewed is not disruptive enough to require disciplinary action, and counseling services may not be welcomed. Becoming more aware of the student and offering support services could prevent future escalation and crisis.


The Mission of the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is to promote safety on campus and encourage student success through non-punitive, educational interventions.

  • Our work includes collaboration, communication, prevention and intervention with respect to behavioral wellness, while protecting the privacy and the rights of the individual student.
  • BIT monitors problematic behavior by providing consultation, referral and support.
  • BIT reviews policies and procedures in addressing bizarre and or disruptive and threatening behavior, its reporting, assessment, intervention, and resolution.


  • Corie A. McCallum ― Student Affairs, Chair
  • Cynthia Bink ― Counseling Services Center
  • Justine Pawlukewicz ― Faculty, Health and Human Services
  • John Reid Currie ― Center for Student Accessibility
  • Aries Jones ― Student Wellness Center
  • Shermira Busby ― Continuing Education
  • Public Safety Liaison ― Department of Public Safety

To report concerning behavior, please use the online form HERE