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Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

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Phone: 718-260-5430

For emergencies, please contact Public Safety at 718-260-5555


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What kinds of students should I refer to BIT?

  2. Any student who is behaving unusually.
    Examples: Talking to themselves. Not being able to answer simple questions. Extremely argumentative. Hostile or overly sensitive. Pacing back and forth. Frantic.

  3. How do I make a referral to BIT?

  4. Enter the Student's information and a description of the behavior/incident in the Form

  5. If I make a referral to BIT, what will happen?

  6. BIT will:

    • discuss the student and reasons for the referral as a group
    • attempt to gather more information about the student through committee members
    • may contact the student's other professors or other offices the student may use
    • determine the need for support services
    • discuss the student and reasons for the referral as a group
    • advise key offices on campus of the student's need
    • maintain a record of the student's behavior to determine if additional interventions are needed in the future (disciplinary, medical withdrawal)

  7. Where can I learn more about BIT?

  8. BIT offers various campus presentations throughout the year. Typically, a college-wide email is sent notifying faculty and staff of the event. The Committee is also available to speak to individuals or larger groups. We can help you understand when to refer a student and further explain our role in supporting City Tech's mission. Contact Student Affairs at 718-260-5430 to ask a question or request a presentation.

  9. What is the difference between BIT, an Early Intervention, or calling Public Safety?


**For additional questions or to request a presentation from the BIT committee, please contact