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Information and FAQs for Business Department Faculty

PDF copies of all Accounting, Business, Fashion & Marketing course outlines can be found at Course Listings page.

Yes, All CUNYFirst faculty guides can be found here and a copy of the "Faculty Quick Reference Guide" can be found by clicking here.

You can view all your schedule information on CUNYFirst. A copy of the "View My Teaching Schedule" guide can be found by clicking here.

New faculty will have to be entered into the CUNYfirst system before being able to access their CUNYFirst account for the first time (or their City Tech email). If you have been hired by the department, then we have already requested that your account be created. You will need to follow-up with the Office of Faculty & Staff Relations.

New users must always claim their account before they can access it for the first time. You can find that guide by clicking here.

If you forgot your password or it expired you will have to reset it; you can find that guide by clicking here.

Yes, Outlook Exchange guides and videos can be found here.

You will have to let the department secretary know so a ticket can be sent to OCIS on your behalf. Please send Elizabeth Rohan an email at Be sure to include your full name and EMPLID.

For a guide on how to access and how to use all computer consoles in smart classrooms see the helpful guide here.

Guides, videos and tips for teaching faculty can be found here. You may also explore the many learning opportunities provided by the Online Learning Advisory Council(OLAC).

Media Services lends media equipment to faculty and services the professors computer consoles in all smart classrooms. For contact information and how to reserve equipment visit their page here.

Information on the Faculty Resource Center (access to computers connected to printers) can be found here. Information on the Reproduction Center (copy center) can be found here.

All current faculty workshops can be found on the faculty workshop schedule page here. If you cannot find the information you need, please contact the Faculty Commons Director, Julia Jordan

If you made a mistake or are changing an incomplete grade, a current copy of your attendance roster (eFolder) and a completed grade change are required to begin the process. Blank copies of the Grade Update form can be found by clicking here.

If a student actually attended or participated your class at least once, but was marked absent on the VOE roster by mistake, you can appeal to the registrar for reinstatement; in this case, please see item (12) under Faculty Resources on the Department webpage. The submitted e-folder must show that the student attended at least once and should be given, together with a completed Grade Update form, to the department COA. If the student was marked absent due to a clerical error, the student can be reinstated; however, the corrected e-folder showing that the student attended and/or participated in at least one session, together with a completed Grade Update form, must be submitted to the department COA. If the student has compelling reasons why they were not in class, they can appeal for reinstatement, but they will need a compelling statement of explanation and evidence. In the latter case, the decision will be made by the Registrar, not by the department. The Grade Update form may be found here.

Students may be dropped from a class and/or issued a WN if the instructor does not mark them 'present' during the first few class sessions. If this happens due to an error, the instructor should follow the instructions, Items (12) and (13), as shown above. The instructor should file appropriate forms and documents with the Business Department COA. Students may appeal WU and WF grades by filing this form: with the City Tech Committee on Course and Standards, as indicated on the form.

Please check out the many opportunities provided by the Online Learning Advisory Council (OLAC). ALL online instructors MUST be pre-certified by OLAC (even if you have extensive previous experience). If you cannot find the answer on that page, please contact the OLAC Director, Dr. Karen Lundstrem at

Please visit the Faculty/Staff Information page.

Starting end of day on July 3rd, 2017, the login method for Blackboard will transition to new CUNY login credentials. You will access Blackboard from the same sites you currently use, but you will log in using your CUNYfirst username followed by and your CUNYfirst password. For example, if you log into CUNYfirst as george.washington76, you will log into Blackboard as You will still login from the current sites you use, such as the CUNY site at or from the City Tech homepage at by clicking on Quicklinks and selecting Blackboard. The direct link to login will remain the same More info.

In preparation for the transition, Blackboard will be taken offline at 2 am on Monday, July 3rd. We anticipate that Blackboard will be restored by the end of that business day. The CUNY Login credentials will take effect immediately upon Blackboard coming back online. As noted previously, DegreeWorks and FACTS are switching over to these new login credentials in July. Other key applications will transition to the CUNY Login credentials in upcoming semesters. Click here for more details or email

See the DegreeWorks Faculty Guide for instructions on how to log into the new DegreeWorks website.

Submit a COURSE SUBSTITUTION Request by logging in, with your City Tech (NOT CUNYfirst) credentials, to the Degree Audit Review Request (DARR) page:

You can find out more about WAC/WI on this page If you still have questions, ask our WAC/WI specialist, Dr. N. Munroe

You can find out more about ID on this page If you still have questions, ask our WAC/WI specialist, Dr. D. Sutton

The general requirements for graduation can be found on this page

Please check out the Counseling Services page here:
You can also contact the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) here: and/or by sending an email to In addition, you should fill out and submit this form: In an emergency, please contact Campus Security at 718-260-5555.

Please visit the City Tech Academic Integrity Committee (AIC) webpage and read the documents found there. Please complete the Faculty Action Report (FAR) Form you will find in that document. All violations of the CUNY Policy on Academic Integrity must be reported by submitting this form to the college Academic Integrity Officer (AIO), Professor Kyle Cuordileone, at You may also find the required FAR form here: Be sure to attach any relevant information or documentary evidence. Be aware that the AIO may change from time to time. Thus, you should verify the identity of the AIO before sending the form.

When dealing with students on matters of health, disability, and/or related topics, please note: faculty should never review medical documentation from a student. Do NOT attempt to evaluate/diagnose students' health issues and/or concerns. Instead, refer the student to the Student Accessibility Center (SAC) in L-237. The SAC will review the documentation/claims and give the student a letter to share with faculty if accommodations need to be made. Please read this document for more information.

Monday - Friday, the City Tech campus opens at 7:00 AM and closes at 10:30 PM for students, 11:00 PM for faculty. The same campus hours apply to all buildings. Weekend hours are 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The campus is closed on holidays.

Errors & Omissions Disclaimer: We have endeavored to supply you with accurate information. However, the regulations, policies, and rules of The City University of New York (CUNY) and the New York City College of Technology (NYCCT) are complex and evolving. Therefore, the contents of this webpage are provided for informational purposes only. The information/links/forms/etc. presented here may change without notice. Thus, all are advised to double-check everything, and consult the College Catalog and/or other official CUNY/NYCCT sources of information.