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2018 Middle States Accreditation

Next Steps

It has been the practice at City Tech, as expected by Middle States, to schedule the development of a new strategic plan following each major review, so that the self-study and its recommendations serve as the first part of the strategic planning process. Accordingly. In Fall 2018 a committee will be convened to address the full strategic plan.

At the same time, actions already underway to address the recommendations will continue. These include:

  • City Tech Recommendation 1: Among many other activities, City Tech’s Academic Momentum Plan, formulated in Spring 2018, will continue to guide efforts to increase the rate at which students successfully complete Gateway Courses in math and English during their first year; increase credit accumulation; refine degree maps and use them in a strengthened advisement program. The Math Department’s revision of its developmental and algebra-pre-calculus sequences continues. CUNY Math Start, piloted during the summer, has now established a regular program. City Tech’s First Year Program will design additional supports for new and continuing students and is offering a full roster of Learning Communities. CUNY will be adopting data analytic and student success tools developed by EAB. First Year Orientation and Study-Ready Department efforts will scale up.
  • City Tech Recommendation 2: CTAC, the City Tech Assessment Committee, has expanded its scope beyond Academic Affairs to include Enrollment and Student Affairs and Finance and Administration. An assessment plan will be developed for the Institutional Effectiveness goals goals set by each area.
  • City Tech Recommendation 3: The website now offers expanded guidance for students seeking to resolve problems or express concerns.
  • City Tech Recommendation 4: All academic departments scheduled to move to the new academic complex are now offering classes there. With the opening of the new academic complex, the Pearl Building has become available for both permanent and temporary relocations of other offices and areas, awaiting the development of a facilities plan.

Fall 2018

City Tech’s enrollment now reflects a baccalaureate enrollment of 55%. As we consider the expectations and needs of a baccalaureate-granting institution, the following actions will proceed:

  • Students have enrolled in the college’s new BFA in Communication Design and will be eligible for the new BArch.
  • Development of new bachelor’s programs in keeping with the college’s strengths and mission will continue. Those under development include degrees in data science, data analytics/economics, biomedical engineering technology, environmental health and occupational safety, and accounting. Major revisions are proposed in Computer Systems Technology and Applied Math.
  • Research-Labs/ compliance
    • In response to a request from CUNY, the college undertook a comprehensive review of its research and grants compliance procedures in Spring 2018; activities to strengthen procedures in several areas will commence this fall.
    • As new labs come on line in the new academic complex, there is a need to review existing lab procedures and ensure that uniform practices are in place and observed.
  • Faculty
    • In anticipation of the administration of the COACHE survey, a faculty committee will be convened to develop a plan to ensure strong participation and consider local questions items.
    • In response to changes in CUNY’s requirement that all senior colleges include external evaluation in tenure and promotion procedures, departments will review requirements and guidance relevant to their disciplines.

Spring 2019

  • Recommendation 1: New math developmental sequences are implemented at scale; English is advancing its proposal for revised developmental sequences to pilot in Fall 2019. In other curriculum developments, the new Bachelor of Architecture program has been approved by CUNY and is pending New York State Education Department approval. The new BS in Data Science and AS in Health Science have been approved by College Council and are pending CUNY and state approvals.
  • Recommendation 2: On March 22, the City Tech Assessment Committee (CTAC) will meet to discuss assessing our assessment efforts; an assessment plan will be completed by the end of the semester.
  • Recommendation 3: An information page for student academic complaints is in development and will go live by the end of the semester.
  • All CUNY senior colleges will administer the COACHE Faculty Satisfaction Survey.