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2018 Middle States Accreditation

City Tech 2018 Self-Study

Dear City Tech College Community,

Thank you for being an important part of the Middle States Self-Study Report process. The final self-study report and documentation roadmap here:

Self-Study for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Documentation Roadmap

Over the course of the study, a committee of more than 85 people representing all areas of the college—students, faculty, staff, and administration—contributed to the report. The committee also visited faculty, staff, and Student Government Association meetings, held public feedback sessions, and posted the report on an Open Lab site to solicit comments. Click here for a summary of all feedback that was received. All contributions were carefully considered and many were used to improve the self-study.

Ultimately, it was the hard work and genuine accomplishments of the entire college community over the past decade that resulted in the enthusiastic commendations from the visiting team and a successful reaccreditation.

Middle States Self-Study Steering Committee