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Committee on Course and Standards

Undergraduate students dismissed from City Tech for failing to meet the college's academic standards may appeal to the committee on course and standards for readmission. This appeal process allows students to explain why they could not meet the college's academic standards and why those circumstances would no longer be obstacles to progress. Additionally, students who were assigned WU or WF grades due to unforeseen circumstances may also submit an appeal to the committee to reverse these grades to a W grade.

Helpful Tips for Preparing and Submitting Your Appeal

  • Compose a typed statement for the committee, outlining the factors that have affected your academic progress.
  • Explain any extenuating or extraordinary emotional, financial, legal circumstances that have affected your academic performance. (i.e., personal illness or accident, loss of employment, military, loss of childcare, etc.)
  • Address what change(s) you have made to ensure you will succeed if the appeal is approved.
  • Present a realistic plan and discuss some strategies that will apply in order to stay on track academically. (e.g. seek tutoring, advisement, and/or counseling; decrease work hours, etc.).
  • Evidence/proof of life circumstance described in your personal statement. Examples include (but are not limited to): Healthcare provider statements, proof of illness/injury, accident reports, death certificate, obituary, legal notices, proof of employment-related issues (e.g., letter from employer, pay stubs showing changes in hours).
  • Letters that are submitted as documentation should be official, on letterhead/stationary, and have a signature.
  • Document dates should match the time period described in your personal statement.

Appeal Guidelines

  • To appeal WU/WF grades, you have one year from the date that semester began.
  • To appeal a dismissal, you can submit an appeal any time after you are alerted of your dismissal but within the deadline for the semester you wish to return.
  • All appeal documentation must be submitted via email by the deadlines listed on the academic calendar.
  • Any appeals received after a deadline will be reviewed by the next deadline.
  • Once the Committee of Course and Standards has reviewed all submitted appeals, you will be notified of the committee's decision 7-10 business days after the deadline.

Important Appeal Deadlines

  • Tuesday, November 9, 2021 — Deadline for non-enrolled students to submit appeal to Committee on Course and Standards.
  • Monday, January 10, 2022 — Deadline for currently enrolled students to submit appeal to Committee on Course and Standards.