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Office of the Registrar


What is ePermit?

ePermit facilitates the process of CUNY students obtaining permission to register for courses offered at other CUNY colleges. Students can submit an ePermit application directly from their CUNYfirst self-service page. After you have submitted your ePermit, please allow ample time for the processing of your application(s).

Student seeking to take an ePermit must meet eligibility requirements listed below:

  • Be matriculated and currently in attendance
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.00
  • Not have any stops on your record
  • Have all required immunizations completed

ePermits will not be issued to the following:

  • Non-degree students
  • A readmitted matriculated student who is not currently enrolled or who does not need the permit courses for graduation
  • An incoming newly matriculated student who requests a permit for the semester or summer session preceding his/her effective date of admission

Applying for an ePermit:

You can complete a CUNY ePermit Form by logging on to CUNYfirst. After logging in, click on HR/Campus Solutions on the top left side of the page. Click on Self Service under Menu and click on Student Center. This will bring you to your student center page. Click on the academics drop down and select ePermit.

Students wishing to submit a permit to receive credit for courses taken at non-CUNY colleges must visit our office to file the necessary form OR print out NON-CUNY PERMIT FORM available on this website.

Important: Once you have registered and paid for any semester or session, you are responsible for any fees and academic penalties incurred from registration changes you make. This includes the addition of Session II courses (for summer) and winter courses. You must drop unwanted courses before the first day of classes or you will be liable for the invalidated/unpaid courses.

Cancelling an ePermit:

A student may cancel his/her ePermit request at any time prior to registering at the Host College. If a student enrolls in a course at the selected Host College and decides not to attend the course, it is the student's responsibility to cancel the course registration at both the home and host campuses as well as the ePermit request on CUNYfirst. The student should notify his/her Home College of the cancellation before classes begin to avoid a tuition liability and to prevent any academic consequences. Notifying the Home College can be done by one of the following: In person, an email to, or an email to